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With a face that would be perfect for a high-fashion mannequin were it not so animated with intelligence, joy, and wit, fair Farrah has been a natural for cathode stardom. To top off Farrah's Forke appeal, her package is topped off with a heavy emphasis on breast bundles. Longtime fans of the long-running series Wings can't remember if they fixated on Farrah more for the way she wrapped her lips around a withering riposte, for the sly sex appeal of her sidelong glances, or for the overwhelming power of her pneumatic sweater classics. The fans who followed Farrah's career to her boob-out, lesberific appearance in Kate's Addiction know exactly what they are obsessing over.

Kate's Addiction - as Sara. Complex of Fear - as Vicky. Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. Our Trademarks exempt. Toggle navigation. Free Live Cams. Free Signup. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Farrah Forke Nude Brief Nudity. Top Scenes.

Kate's Addiction Kate's Addiction Sexy Farrah Forke is skintastic in this sexy scene! Kate's Addiction Sexy , underwear Farrah Forke is skintastic in this sexy scene! Biography Network TV is a preserve of rare and erotic birds. As she looked at the rear seat, she saw a two-seated rear bench.

Kyle only hung up the phone when he pulled his car over to a driveway with parking valets. Kate was surprised by a valet opening her door, and without thinking, she stepped out of the car. She only realized that they were in a luxurious hotel when she was in the lobby. What happened was a mistake. And now we have a problem. You deserve some explanation and an apology. We should work this out.

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He quickly reassured her. We are not going to have sex, ever. Instead, he had a suit that fitted him perfectly. His pants were tapered and hemmed, and he wore a white shirt underneath his jacket. His belt and slim-toe dress shoes were of matching brown color, and he actually styled his hair.

Kyle must have noticed that Kate was observing him from head to toe.

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He broke the silence. I had to look presentable. The elevator gave access to a very fancy, high-end restaurant located on the top floor. It was a high-ceiling restaurant, with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving a beautiful view of the entire city. The most impressive feature, however, was that the whole restaurant rotated, completing a circle every hour. She, on the other hand, was dressed in her usual turtle neck, with knee-length skirt and black tights underneath.

She felt so out of place. Kyle noticed her unease, and asked her what was wrong. You see that woman behind you? Do I really look like a granny to you? I am just teasing you. Forget about them. We are here to talk. She thought they were going to discuss over a sandwich and a coffee. Instead, they had a fancy three-course meal. Kyle took it upon himself to order food for both of them. They had pan-seared scallops served with sea-salt foam for appetizer, a trou-normand, and a Chilean sea-bass for main dish; all were delicacies that Kate had never tried before.

She listened attentively. The conversation, however, changed shortly afterward. Kyle started talking about his past. His father abandoned the family when he was young, and his sister was never home. His mother struggled with depression and could never hold a job for long, so he took it upon himself to help his home financial situation by working odd jobs at odd hours after school. Because he was so tired, he constantly fell asleep in class.

Meanwhile, people at school simply assumed that he stayed up late at night doing things that were up to no good.

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Perhaps it was his forthcoming attitude, but the combination of the meal as well as the atmosphere made Kate much less defensive and more relaxed. In fact, she was actually enjoying the night and the conversation they were having. You were quiet. You had that poker face. But as time went by, and you got the hang of it, you became much more comfortable. You smiled more. You have a good, professional way of addressing clients as well.

I like that.

What I need is a manager. You have a different way of working. You are systematic. Your work hours will not change.

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Instead, you will take less responsibility on the floor, and more in the office, and you will get a pay increase. What do you think? She really felt flattered but hid her emotion. Her only response to Kyle was that she would have to think about it. Kyle paid the bill and they got ready to leave. When the valet reached them with the car, Kyle once again opened the door for Kate and helped her in the car.

Kate secretly smiled to herself as she embarked. She always wanted Max to act like a gentlemen, but Max never did. Kyle drove away to drop Kate back home. He remained silent, and that made Kate feel somewhat uncomfortable. He was usually quite chatty, and for once, she actually enjoyed listening to him talk. When they were close to where Kate lived, she finally broke the silence. It was clear to her however, that she simply wanted company for a little longer.

When they finally arrived at her door, she opened it and walked in first, followed by Kyle. She bent down to take her shoes off and stood back up. As she turned around, she found herself facing Kyle.

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Since coming into the apartment, he had closed the door but had not moved. He was simply staring at her, observing her every movement, appreciating the sight. They remained motionless, staring into each others eyes, with their faces only a few inches apart. And then, he kissed her.

She reciprocated the kiss, and like a wheel rolling down the hill, picking up momentum, the kissing became more and more passionate.

They staggered across the room while kissing, until Kate fell to the sofa. She was slouched on the sofa, staring at Kyle's eyes. He remained standing there, staring back at her, waiting for approval for what would happen next. He took the silence as consent, and they again kissed, but this time, they worked on taking each others clothes off.

When they were completely naked, he broke the kiss to reach for his pants, to take a condom out from his pocket. To her surprise, he was completely shaved down there. Although the only penis she had ever laid eyes on was that of Max, she had seen male genitalia in books well, anatomy books.